9-Dec-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
I need vintage magazines, yoga magazines, anything to do with mental health magazines. Books with drawings of birds, and books with butterflies. I also would take anything interesting for collage. Old die cuts, scrapbooking materials, buttons, etc. Thanks!
6-Dec-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
My dryer of 10 years has decided to quit putting out heay. Unfortunately thee is noy room in my budget for a new one. I would make arrangements t for a pick up if needed..Thanks for reading my post :-)
30-Nov-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Handy RPI student looking for a workbench and if available any woodworking tools as well
29-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for two working desk top or wall phones .. either rotary or push button. Any color. Thanks.
29-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for toy box. I have a 3 year old girl. I am looking for a toy box for her new room.
26-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
Commercial or residential. Will take what we can get and will pick up!
25-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for Toys for a 3 year old. I don't have a car. I live in Schenectady and want to know if you could deliver.
I Could use a size 2XL winter Work jacket or ski jacket. Also size 48" 30" work pants or jeans please. Thomas 518 512-71327132 Thank you.
In need of size 2Xl work jacket or ski jacket . Also size 48" 30" work pants or jeans . Thomas 518 512-7132 . Thank you .
15-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
I m looking for help with Christmas. Any toys, children books, size 10/12 girls clothes, full size bedding or size 1-2 girls shoes would help a lot. I m a tough spot this year and Christmas isn t looking too great. Just want to make sure my daughter smiles that day.
14-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
im looking for used but good condition books toys games trucks cars dolls crafts legos dinosaors blanket cloths etc. to help a few kids out for Christmas thank you and god bless also looking for some dishes
10-Nov-2018Albany, NY+9 milesItems Wanted
A tree fell on my house and caused my dog to urinate on my daughters mattress
21-Oct-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Rubber exercise ball wanted for back stretches. My height is 5'4". Thanks
13-Oct-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted518-903-4561
My girlfriend broke her foot and need a knee scooter so she can get around in the house and go to work please help me . You can reach me at 518-903-4561
13-Oct-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for any Sherryl woods Chesapeake shores paperbacks I have read some of them but not all of them and really like them. Thanks
13-Oct-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: Old linens, lace, hankies, doilies, tablecloths, buttons to make into gifts for family this Christmas. Damaged = Fine! I will give new life and respect to your Grandma's treasures.
13-Oct-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for scholastic book fair boxes, bankers boxes or anything like that. I can pick up/meet in most locations. Thanks. Carolynn
13-Oct-2018Troy, NY+15 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for parts from a bike and lawn mower for a small engine project I am trying to finish up anything at all would be greatly appreciated